4 Survive Capsizing Boat in Algoa Bay

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Gray, NSRI Port Elizabeth station commander said: “At 13h07 our NSRI
Port Elizabeth
volunteer duty crew were activated by the
Transnet National Ports Authority following eye-witness reports of a
number of red distress flares being deployed off-shore of Blue Water

Our NSRI rescue vehicle, towing our rescue craft Boardwalk Rescuer, was
dispatched directly to the scene and we launched our rescue craft Eikos
Rescuer III.

The SA Police Services also responded.

On our rescue vehicles arrival on-scene it was confirmed from
eye-witnesses that the flares, believed to be 100 foot red distress
flares, were activated out at sea in succession from a capsized boat
approximately 1 nautical mile off-shore of the Swartkops River Mouth.

On our rescue crafts arrival on-scene 4 young adults, 2 males and 2
females were found clinging onto the upturned hull of their 4.2 metre
ski-boat, 1.5 nautical miles off-shore of the Swartkops River Mouth,
and they were being swept out to sea in 5 to 6 metre swells and a 48
knot (89 km/p/h) Westerly off-shore wind.

All 4 were rescued and taken on-board our rescue craft and brought
safely to shore at the Blue Water Bay lifeguard station where we were
met by paramedics and the two females were treated for mild hypothermia
and released on-scene requiring no further assistance.

The 2 males were not injured.

Our rescue craft re-launched to recover their boat and we righted her
at sea and we then towed her safely to Tiger Bay in the Swartkops
River, where they had originally launched from earlier in the day.

Skipper Gared Shneider, 23, Kyle Schneider, 22, Kerry-Lee Strydom, 22,
and Tracy Abrahams, 20, had launched from Tiger Bay earlier in the day
to go fishing off-shore of Brighton Beach. One engine failed while they
were fishing at sea and they attempted to get back to shore on the one
good engine but their boat was overwhelmed by the rough seas which
capsized their boat. (Tracy is from Port Elizabeth and the remaining 3
are from Uitenhage).

All 4 were wearing life-jackets and Gared dived under the upturned hull
of the boat to retrieve the capsize emergency kit containing the red
distress flares. They fired off a succession of red distress flares
which were sighted by eye-witnesses who called the NSRI.

The 4 clung to the upturned hull of the boat while being swept out to
sea until our NSRI
rescue craft arrived on-scene.”

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