A Possible Mass Action Solution to Central Degradation

www.MyPE.co.za: I
wish to believe that this quote came from a noble prize winner. “If the
white man does not want to listen then we have to talk to him in a way
that hurts”. Our country has beaten off Caspirs and a whole army of
misguided people that thought what they were doing was going to be
tolerated. This new little clever onslaught should be of little

Mr. Denton is a major retail shopping center owner where the “Pajero
Moms” and the common man support major brands. Try Pick and Pay or
Sportsmans Warehouse or the JD Group. These are all his tenants and
“FEED this monster”. He gladly advertises his shopping centers as HIS
and his pride. His association with these major brands, as tenants, is
must to his ongoing destruction of PE.

The “previous Regime” had their Rugby balls taken away. Our wives and
our rands are feeding this commercial monster. Checkers, Pick and Pay,
JD Group can rearrange this matter very quickly. All they need is to
see a little drop in their turnover and Denton will listen well.

We can chose were to buy. The strongest vote is with our own rands.

The matter that other landlords are in some type of similar position is
most unfair. The Kahn group buildings, McWilliams Group etc, by
example, can be easily
identified by their good condition in direct contrast to Denton. The
comparison is not justified as any comfort.



Eds Note:
There are a number of other ‘landlords’ hiding behind the
skirts of the Ken Denton Saga, who are contributing to the degradation
of the Central Area. At least Ken has boarded up most of his properties
and actively works at keeping squatters and undesirables out.

On the recent guided tour of the area with the Mandela Bay Tour Guide
Association we were particularly perturbed to notice that one building
housed in excess of 25 ‘tenants’ with no running water, sewerage or
electricity. The ‘tenants’ told me that they rented from a Nigerian man
up the road. Further investigation revealed that the owner of the
building in question was Yunus Adams – another man with extensive Port
Elizabeth business interests.

One of the ‘tenants’ was pregnant. After Social Services attended to
the ‘tenants’, who refused to move to a place of safety, they observed
that the pregnant ‘tenant’ had been arrested a week previously with 36
mandrax tablets hidden in her bra.

I am no Koranic Scholar but, am moved observe that the religious
implications of Koranic law indicate that, in principle, it is not
permissible to lease a premises for the sale of intoxicants. Okay, I
know that I am presuming that the owner of the building is of the
Muslim faith. BUT, no matter what faith a person is – to provide
premises and shelter to a person known to be committing criminal acts
has severe consequences both from a moral and legal standpoint.

It seems to me that, at present, there are many minor Port Elizabeth
‘Slumlords’ hiding behind and under the skirts of Ken Denton and we
should not lose sight of Ken possibly being replaced with an Alan,
Bryan, Clive, Xandra, Yunus or Zabrina.

Have your say in the MyPE
Ken Denton saga.

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