A Rainbow Nation

Letter from Brando Maitland, DA Ward 10 Committe Member:

When is our dream of this country becoming a rainbow nation ever going
to be realized?
When are we truly going to be able to see the hope and peace that was
yearned for so long?

The government of the day makes promises upon promises. Promises of
house delivery, of better education, of a better health system, and the
list continue. But when it comes to delivery the government fails the
people. It fails the poor people who have voted it into power. They
claim they are undoing the injustices of the past but in the interim
they are shortchanging the present.

All the people ever wanted was for equality to prevail. Now that the
possibility of that promise has arrived the very people who prayed and
fought for it; are left out in the cold to fend for themselves. Never
before 1994 has there ever been so many homeless children and adults
roaming the streets of our country as in this day. People are losing
their jobs, well established businesses are closing their doors,
retrenchments and job losses are the order of the day.

Our people do not live on promises. They need food and shelter. The
children need education. The mothers to be need well resourced, clean
and healthy maternity facilities to nurture their precious newborns.
While some have gained the majority of communities who are being
drained have lost faith in the promises made to them by now.

To keep it’s status as we approach election day, the government will as
usual prowl on the poor by handing out food parcels at a rapid pace
claiming it is the ANC, while in fact it is our tax contributions.
While our government is in control for the past 15 years they still
blame their own inabilities to spend budgets on the injustices of
apartheid while under their hand corrupt practices prevail.

After these handouts, the government will ease until 2011 for the local
government election when the small deliveries will continue once again.
For the rest of their stay in office they would display gross
incompetencies and favour while they struggle to work out the mess and
infighting they created for themselves.

Is it not about time to hand over the reigns to more competent people
than those presently in government? Will it be a blow to the majority
of gravy train riders if they do?. I would suppose that the former
would only become a reality at the ballot boxes.

Merely expecting anyone to give up their cozy positions just because
they are not fully equipped or qualified is an impossibility that would
only materialize in another world. Let those who believe in the
possibility of this country being able to be turned around from the
turmoil it is in, at this stage support the people who has the best
interest of the poorest of the poor at heart.

Support the people who truly feel for the children on the streets, for
those who to stand begging in long queues to receive medical services,
in long queues and in the rain for a little food parcel just before
elections. Put your weight behind the people who doesn’t only make
promise upon promises. Support the people who know how the people
suffer that shares the same pain and have not forgotten what it feels
like. Let us trust the people who yearn and are ready and fully
equipped to relieve the burdens of the poor and suffering.

Fifteen years of democracy is a long time. It is so long that the poor
have become poorer. Government coffers are stolen empty. Many hearts
are crying out there. Your support can change that. Do not let this
government come into power to make the same mistakes over and over.
Taking us further and further into the doldrums of decay.

South Africa is one of a few countries that has a vastness of riches in
economic resources yet is battling to provide where food, fuel, and
water is concerned. Is this not a sign a gross negligence and inability
of good governance? The time has come for change. This government has
for too long given us small change. It is now time for us to claim back
that, which was promised the people.

Let us rally behind others who have been in constant determination of
making this possible. The time has arrived for all to support a society
of prosperity, equality, opportunities for all and hope and peace. A
rainbow nation.

Brando Maitland,
DA Ward 10 Committee Member

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