And the Port Elizabeth Darwin Award Winners are ….. The
skipper and crew of THIS BOAT (pictured below) that
were rescued by the NSRI on Sunday 28 March at around 11:00 are
‘worthy’ recipients of the Port Elizabeth Darwin Awards for the
following reasons:

  1. They went out to sea in this boat purchased 14 days ago
  2. All three crammed into this tiny
    little boat
  3. They went out through Swartkops River Mouth
  4. The boat only has ONE motor
  5. When a rope got caught around the propellor they placed too
    much weight on the stern of the boat which caused it to sink rapidly
    when water slopped in over the transom.
  6. Not one thought to put a cellphone in a sealed bag
  7. One had to swim through Great White territory of St Croix
    to another rubber duck 500 metres away to get help
  8. No sign of a grab bag or safety equipment on the boat
  9. I doubt they were wearing life jackets
  10. Even the skipper‘s mate said that he had
    told him he was insane to go to sea in the boat.
Darwin Award Winners Boat Rescue
you put out to sea with two mates and yourself in THIS BOAT?


Apparently these three men and a boat decided to go fishing in the big
dam, commonly known as Algoa Bay, when they experienced a technical
problem of a rope stuck around the propellor. Their first reaction
was a general rush of brain dead flesh to the stern of the
boat to try and untangle the prop.

Forgetting any laws of physics the sudden rush of weight to the stern
of the boat resulted in a rapid influx of water and amost instantaneous
trouble as the rear of the boat promptly sank tossing our three
‘somewhat surprised’ fishermen into the water.

With no grab bag available and a radio ‘missing’ as well as a cellphone
more than slightly wet in a pair of rugby shorts our three adventurers
contemplated the imminent ending of their lives as they bobbed past St
Croix Island on their way to the other side of the ‘dam’. One of our
Darwin Award recipients then swam around 500 metres to another rubber
duck, through Great White Shark territory, to seek assistance.

NSRI Rescue 6, with a paramedic onboard, proceeded with great haste to
the scene and found our award winners floating about a mile south of St
Croix. Taking the three Darwinian Award Winners onboard the NSRI crew
then attempted, with no success, to right the tiny vessel in
preparation for the long tow back to PE Harbour.

Unable to right the vessel and with the paramedic needed elsewhere
urgently NSRI asked permission of the Coega Port Authorities to put
into the harbour, offload the paramedic and right the fishing vessel in
shallower waters. It literally took 30 minutes to get permission as the
Nqura Harbour Drone at the other end of the radio wanted the NSRI crew
to declare that the fishing vessel was not a pollution risk and not
leaking oil or petrol before they could enter the port. I was only able
to hear the Nqura side of the radio conversation, unfortunately.

Correct me if I am wrong but one attends to lives first and then cleans
up any pollution, should it be necesary. Someone should go and box that
idiot Nqura Drone about the ears for being a total selfish idiot!

Our worthy Darwin Award Winners landed safely back at the Port
Elizabeth Harbour, courtesy of Port Elizabeth NSRI, shaken and
hopefully having learnt a thing or two.

See Images of the crew (Names have
been withheld).

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