Bacon Strip Spotting in Port Elizabeth With
reports of the Johannesburg Twitterati Saint of all
drivers, @PigSpotter, being hunted down by a mad baying mob of wild and
woolly ‘law enforcement’ officers little did the long arm of bacon
layers realise that they have now given the impetus to loads of Bacon
Strip spotters all over the country.

Essentially a Bacon Strip spotter assists local motorists in
spotting the places occupied by our hard working traffic cops in search
of a little bit of budget massaging when they lay down speed traps, use
video speed cameras and generally take the joy out of riding at 5
kilometres above the speed limit.

@PigSpotter spots pigs. More specifically, pigs in uniform,
behind camera lenses and not at Taxi Roadblocks.

And now the police want him arrested. Apparently the corpulent
one’s area of concern is @PigSpotter’s apparent use of porcine
nomenclature to describe our non striking law enforcement officers.
mmmmmm I didn’t see Motormouth Julius being arrested for caling someone
a “Bloody Agent, bloody bastard” so don’t think that reasoning is gonna

Oh well – maybe they should arrest every person who ever
reffered to the corpulent ones in slightly less than complimentary

And then, further muddying the waters of logic and reason an
SAPS spokemnan said; “It’s wrong for him to inform people of the
whereabouts of the officers on duty because drunk drivers will use
other roads and cause accidents which could lead to innocent lives
being lost. He could also warn criminals to evade the police, making it
easier for them to escape. This is illegal and we could charge him for
obstructing and defeating the ends of justice.”

I know that the local PE radio station, Angolan FM, has smile
zones and no-one from that station has ever been threatened with arrest
after making ‘smile zones’ known so why now is the game of pig spotting
a no no?

Port Elizabeth Pig Spotter @PigSpotter_PE
is now up and running – all you have to do is message him/her with
details of the speed traps you see in and around our winderful Metro
and he/she will make sure that  the Twittering public are

You can also make the location of Speed Traps known
to the
broader public by finding and message these Pig Farmers with
location of the temporary pig pen:

Contact MyZA to
add your Pig Spotting Tweeting to

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