Club Trading Hours Under Fire I am
confronted on a daily basis with complaints about noise and
unacceptable behaviour by patrons of a Club in Eastbourne Road, Mt
Croix.  The problem arises when these patrons leave the club
in an inebriated state and proceed to behave in a manner not only
disgusting in terms of urinating and vomiting in the street but also
creating so much noise that residents cannot get any sleep until after

The Metro, in it’s wisdom, extended the trading hours of the Club to
04h00 on a trial basis which has long since expired and in terms of the
conditions this extension should have been withdrawn after 6
months. Many of the patrons arrive at the club drunk early in
the morning and continue to do their thing until after 04h00.
To serve inebriated persons is against the law and this should be
addressed by the liquor inspectors and the police.

I am convinced that the methodology of issuing a liquor licence should
be altered to accommodate in it’s wording on licence applications that
pubs and clubs wanting to extend their hours should have to prove that
after hours drinking offers a tangible “benefit” to the local
community. In my opinion the licensing laws should undergo a
“complete review” and alcohol be considered a key law-and-order
issue. More than half of all violent crime victims report
that their attacker was under the influence of alcohol. Local
authorities should have more powers to strip problem premises of

The Club I refer to is in a totally residential area and within
shouting distance of a major hospital.

Yours sincerely,

Jeremy Davis

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