Dear Brian, cc Weekend Post
Reading your latest article on an ‘Elite Port Elizabeth School wiff a
Boarding House’ and the disgraceful behaviour of pupils there, has made
me realise that all 12 years that I spent at said school must have been
the reason why I am a drug taking, alcohol dependant, murdering scum
who deserves to be deported to some remote Karoo farm and forced to
roll cockroach dung for the beetles. (Actually it is my evil twin, Fred, who is that!)

I mean, let’s be serious now, how dare one of those pupils subject
himself to the attentions of a hit and run driver. How dare he show
criminal intent by allowing himself to be the VICTIM of a hit and run

Your timeous reminder to my poor deranged self, having been a pupil of
said ‘Elite Port Elizabeth School with a Boarding
‘, will help me formulate how I see the world from now

  • If I ever get assaulted in the future I will first ask my
    assailant which school he attended, if it is any school but an ‘Elite
    Port Elizabeth School wiff a Boarding House’ then I will ensure that I
    do NOT report the assault to the SAPS for fear that I become the VICTIM
    of your poison pen because of my association with an ‘Elite Port
    Elizabeth School wiff a Boarding House’.
  • Should my child proceed from my home and have his cellphone
    stolen I will also write off the experience as a result of his
    attending an ‘Elite Port Elizabeth School wiff a Boarding House’.
  • Should my daughter experience one of those heinous crimes
    that all women fear then I will explain to her that she is in the WRONG
    because she also attends an ‘Elite Port Elizabeth School wiff a Boarding
  • I live in fear that one day some thugs will trespass on my
    property, attempt to stab my son and then we will be painted with a
    seriously tainted brush as being in the WRONG, just because we are
    related to a ‘Elite Port Elizabeth School wiff a Boarding House’. Come
    to think of it the headline “Son
    of the developer of well known Port Elizabeth community web site guilty

    does not have the same wicked ring to it as “Son of well known Urologist

In fact, dear Brian, you have opened up a whole new world by
discovering a hitherto unknown angle for more muck raking stories.

From now on I am going to follow your lead and troll the emergency
rooms looking for so called victims of mugging, rape, car accidents,
stabbings and the like. If, after exhaustive questioning, I fail to
find any link that they may have to an ‘Elite Port Elizabeth School
wiff a Boarding House’ then I shall proceed to interview Car Guards,
Road Sweepers, The Mayor and even Suresh Roberts in my continuing quest
to root out the truth so that I too can reveal these ‘so called
victims’ for what they really are – not VICTIMS, but the perpetrators
of the heinous crime of belonging to an ‘Elite Port Elizabeth School
wiff a Boarding House’.

And whilst I am on a roll (feel free to interpret ‘roll’ in any way you
deem fit, young Brian!) and with reference to this paragraph with a
quote from a ‘disgruntled parent’:

But the school has been
criticised for allegedly keeping the incident under wraps, with one
father saying the group, who should be ‘made an example of’, are being
allowed to escape with their reputations intact and with fellow pupils
still looking up to them.

I have one message for the ‘father’ – At 18 years old your son is a
man, not so long ago 18 year old ‘boys’ were sent to the army to kill
people. If you have not instilled the correct values in your child by
now, then shame on you, it is too late to start now. And, since when
was it the school’s responsibility to discipline your child in a manner
that you deem correct? Are you telling me that your child will respond
better to discipline from someone other than yourself? If so, then you
have erred greatly as a parent.

Let’s examine the REAL crimes here – one of the ten pupils was underage
and should be punished. The hit and run driver should be found and
severely punished. Finished, klaar, done.

I say one last time, young Brian; “Sensationalising the VICTIM of a hit
and run accident by delving into his ‘character’ and association with a
school such as Grey High School is one small step
away from publicly accusing a RAPE VICTIM of being a prostitute and
attempting to destroy her character by association.”

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