England POMelled by Germany

www.MyPE.co.za: The
English contingent of the crowd at the Fifa Fan Fest™ in Port Elizabeth
watched in disbelief as their team was ‘pom’elled out of the World Cup
by a slicker-looking German outfit on Sunday evening.

German Female Supporters blow Vuvuzela“Four-one is a real
hiding,” Ansgar Bitz (31) from Mainz in Germany
summed up the match afterwards.

The doctoral student said the Germans were lucky not to concede “that
goal”. “That was the crucial moment. But, to be fair, we were already
in control at that stage.”

He said he did not feel too bad about the incident. “I see it as
revenge for the ’66 World Cup. These things always happen in twos.”

“The first half was theirs and the second should’ve been ours,” said a
clearly disappointed Steven Hardy (23), who hails from Chesterfield in

“Our defence was poor. They got us on the counter-attack every time. I
have to give Germany their due; they were just too quick for us on the
counter today.”

He however pointed out that the disallowed goal could have been the
turning point of the match. “The score would’ve been two-all, which
would’ve allowed us to play a more conservative style of football.

“As it was, we were forced to play an attacking game, which left us
vulnerable at the back on the counter-attack.”

Bitz said he believed Argentina would be too strong for Mexico in their
match-up later on Sunday evening. “I think we (Germany) will play
Argentina in the quarterfinals and that will be tough.

“If we can get through that one, we’ll probably make it all the way to
the final. But it’s the World Cup, so anything can happen.”

The Fan Fest Gates open at 1pm today and entrance is free.

Fan Fest prohibited items:
Weapons, Bottles, Cups, Jugs, Cans, Recording of sound or images is
only allowed for private use, Alcohol, Drugs, Racist or Xenophobic
material, Banners or Flags larger than 2m x 1.5m, Motorcycle Helmets,
Objects which could compromise public safety, Food, Drink, Gas Spray
Cans, Corrosives or anything that could cause a fire, Fireworks,
Megaphones, Hooters, Gas Powered Horns (Vuvuzelas ARE Allowed), Selling
of Goods or Tickets, Animals, Promotional or Commercial Material.

Venue Conduct:
Arrive at least 2 hours early, Co-operate during security inspections
and body checks, Stay out of restricted areas, Keep all emergency
entrances and exits clear at all times.

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