Experts Tell Me I am Wrong
Finally I am beginning to believe that I actually am an idiot. Ja, ja,
ja I can hear many people agreeing and nodding with that sentiment BUT,
sorry for you, maybe I am NOT an idiot after all.

A small lesson that I learned many years ago in Mr Webb’s Science class
was that oil and water don’t mix.

And then in Mrs Benade’s biology class we learned all about the damage
that oil does to the coastal wildlife and environment. I could tell you
what the object of schoolboy desire was wearing and the perfume she
of when Mrs Benade showed us rugger buggers images of dopey eyed
penguins covered in oil, but that isn’t really pertinent.

Suffice to say that my pimply teenage body learned all about how
powerful girly emotions could be in that class.

So – any idiot school child will be able to tell you that if there is
an excess of oil in water it is BAD.

Our good friends at Transnet
keep on assuring us that the Oil Leakage
from the Shell managed facility on the Port Elizabeth harbour is under
control and does not pose a threat to the environment.

Pull the other frigging leg Mr Transet Puppet as I am inundated with
images on a weekly basis of oil and fuel leakages into the harbour.
Just for your information Mr Transnet Puppet – oil and fuel does not
abide with maritime law by asking permission to leave the harbour, it
does so without as much as a by your leave and hastens away to poison
oyster beds, fish farms, penguins, seals and whales indiscriminately.

Of course even just staying at home and ‘pretending’ that there is no
oil and fuel leak from the Shell
managed Tank Farm facility doesn’t
help much as even a little trip to Google Earth will reveal the
frikking mess in the harbour caused by idiots who like to pass the buck
and hang on to their corporate TEMPORARY high paying jobs.

Or do my eyes deceive me?

Port Elizabeth Harbour Oil Spill - Google Earth
I am
NO EXPERT, but that looks like oil!

Why don’t you get
security to shoot down passing satellites?

Notes to Mr Transnet

  1. The new Consumer
    Protection Act

    now opens the way for Class Action law suits.
  2. The Manganese Ore Facility and Tank Farm trample on the
    right to fair, quality and safety for Port Elizabeth citizens and your
    harbour tenants.
  3. Your facility has ignored the citizens of Port Elizabeth’s
    Heritage concerns.
  4. Your facility tramples on Section 24 of the Constitution
    which states that everyone has the right to an environment that is not
    harmful to their health or their well being and having the environment
    protected for the benefit of current and future generations.

Of course I could be wrong and Google could just have photoshopped the
‘presence of oil’ in the Port Elizabeth Harbour – along with all the
other images that have been sent to MyPE
– somehow I doubt
that, though!

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