It Takes (These) Two The
elegant Nianell we all know as a songwriter extraordinaire with the
voice of an angel. Dozi we’ve come to know as laid-back casual guy with
his own unique style of performing. Putting these two
together would not have been many people’s idea of perfect musical
symmetry. However, as the show progresses you come to realize that what
appeared to be an impracticable at first turns out to feel inevitably

Dozi and NianellAs a fan of Nianell,
the music and the person, I never miss out on her
live performances in Port Elizabeth. The fact holds true that no matter
how many times you have seen Nianell live, nothing can prepare you for
the inevitability of being caught under the spell of this luminary.
Musical perfection, charm itself and awe-inspiring is just some of the
words that pass between the fans after the show. Dozi, on the other
hand, presents quite a different show; one that most people enjoy and
want to experience again as soon as possible, even if just for his
entertaining sense of humour. Admittedly, I am totally biased when it
comes to Dozi – reason being that his rendition of the CCR (Credence
Clearwater Revival) classics are so amazing they will turn you into a
fan for life.

It must be said that on occasion Port Elizabeth crowds can be a little
too reserved
when it comes to live shows. That being said, it is possible that they
were just waiting for the right show to let their hair down; and it
turned out to be Nianell & Dozi’s It Takes Two show this past
Friday night at the Vodacom Amphitheatre.

As the pair start off with their new single ‘It takes two’ it doesn’t
take them long to let the audience know that are in for one
exhilarating show. The songs, as diverse as the pair
performing them, range from the country fused Stumblin’ In to the
melodious ballads such as Unforgettable and Beauty and the Beast to the
classic Makin’ Whoopee. And although many people have suggested that
this combination just won’t work the richness of Nianell’s three and a
half octave voice blends perfectly with Dozi’s soulful rocker sound.
What’s even more fascinating is the unspoken rapport between Nianell
& Dozi on stage. Dozi, smartly dressed, glides across the stage
with some newly acquired dance moves that delight the crowd to no
end. While Nianell is the epitome of elegance in her ensemble
of outfits while still keeping the audience on the edge of their seats
with breathtaking vocals; and several comedic moments added in for good

All in all this show, and this pairing, is a masterstroke. At
the moment, in South African music, there can be no better pairing that
Nianell & Dozi. The show aptly named ‘It Takes Two’ is must see
for any and all music fans. It’s a show that will have you humming the
songs for days afterwards and have you running out to buy the CD and/or
DVD, which will no doubt be a bestseller, in order to re-live the
extraordinary Nianell & Dozi.

If you were wondering what it takes to re-ignite the spark of South
African music – It Takes These Two.

Natalie Le Clue | Follow Natalie on Twitter | Contact Natalie Le Clue.

and Nianelle
appeared at The
Boardwalk Vodacom Amphitheatre
on 17 and 18 September 2009.

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