Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics The
above phrase was popularised by Mark Twain who attributed it to
Benjamin Disraeli. The basic premise is that one can ‘cunningly
manipulate’ statistics to reflect any desired outcome.

A recent set of statistics, in the form of a salary survey made
available by recruitment specialists JobCrystal, would certainly seem
to support the assumption that the Eastern Cape is a low paying dump of
an area best avoided by high nett worth individuals and only attracting
low life scum to our job market.

JobCrystal point out that their data is drawn from the 140,000-strong
JobCrystal candidate database and that all salary figures refer to
cost-to-company rates per month.

And there goes ASSUMPTION NUMBER 1 – that the 140 000 strong database
have all been placed in jobs. It would have been more correct to say
that the information was drawn from X amount of succesful job
placements and NOT based on the number of job
seekers registered.

Also skewing the results somewhat is ASSUMPTION NUMBER 2 – which is the
sampling technique as the jobs sampled are ONLY drawn from employers
and employees who have registered on the site.

Ignoring the poor and downtrodden masses is ASSUMPTION NUMBER 3 – as
JobCrystal focuses on candidates looking to earn R150,000 per year and

Be that as it may the
statistics given still make for interesting reading:

  • In terms of average salary by region the Eastern Cape
    average monthly salary of R16 140.00 is a full 16% below the national
    average wage of R19 273.00 and the Eastern Cape slots in at LAST place.
  • In terms of average salary by ethnicity it is good to be an
    Asian job seeker in the Eastern Cape as Asians command an average
    salary of R22 200.00 per month and the Eastern Cape is second last on
    the list (Durban last). Eastern Cape Asians also beat Black (R13
    846.00), Coloured (R14 296.00) and White (R18 201.00) employees.
  • In terms of gender AND ethnicity on a national scale, White
    males come out tops at R25 093.00 a month. Lagging far behind are Black
    Females on R11 643.00.
  • In contrast to popular belief White Employees are NOT the
    highest paid in all regions – in Cape Town, Pretoria and the Eastern
    Cape Asian employees are the highest paid leaving Johannesburg and
    Durban White employees as the highest paid ethnic groups in those

Interesting to note is that monthly salaries in the areas that
experience high numbers of ethnic groupings are lower than the norm.
For instance Asian (R16 383.00) and Black employees (R13 577.00) in
Durban are the lowest paid whilst Coloured employees are the lowest
paid in Cape Town (R14 439.00).

I wonder if anyone else
is able to break their figures down to reflect comparisons between:

  • Level of education
  • Religious persuasion
  • Language
  • Public vs Private School
  • Political Party Membership

What would Lies, Damned lies, and Statistics be without a bit of fun?

So, lets have a look at
each ethnic group, then each job level, title
and department to make assumptions about where each would have to
reside to make the most money:

  • Black – Pretoria, Executive, Project Manager, HR Training
  • White – Johannesburg, Executive, General Manager, HR
  • Asian – Cape Town, Executive, Project Manager, IT / Systems
    / Networking
  • Coloured – Pretoria, Executive, Project Manager, HR Training

Using the same analysis as above the best paying jobs for the Eastern
Cape are to be found as an Executive in Project Management in the
IT/Systems/Networking field. Here you can expect to earn around R34
626.00 per month. Your counterpart in Pretoria will be earning R49
964.00 per month.

The WORST paying jobs in the Eastern Cape (based on our already flawed
Lies, Damned lies, and Statistics) are as a Generally Skilled Employee
such as a Personal Assistant in the Education and Teaching field. The
Highest salary you can expect to earn is R11 788.00 per month. Your
counterpart in Pretoria will be earning R15 179.00 per month.

The real question is; “Do you believe the Lies, Damned lies, and
Statistics which lead us to believe that the Eastern Cape really is the
armpit of South Africa in terms of salary levels?”

Answers on the back of a firm offer to work as an Executive in charge
of Project Manager in the IT Environment at far more than the going
rate please OR in the comments section below.


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