Maybe ‘The Great Hunter’ Needs to Feel Holly’s Pain
Received an email from the Longhair sent out by Odessa Perelson as an
ode to her cat, Holly, who was shot with a lead pellet:

“The property where he lived borders the valley, and what a fun place
to play for a boisterous, yet gentle, young cat.

He was last seen at home in Bendor Drive, Beverley Grove, on Friday,
2nd April 2010, and always came home for supper.

He was found alive by a neighbour outside the neighbour’s own valley
boundery wall on Tuesday, 6th April 2010, and was taken to the vet.

After x-rays it was discovered that a lead pellet was lodged in his
spine, paralysing the lower half of his body. Due to the placement of
the pellet in the spinal cord, no surgery would
help him.  We had to put him to sleep.

There is somebody out there who raised a gun, and shot my beloved
cat.  I want that someone to know that an innocent pet
suffered for days without food or shelter.  That his last few
days were spent pining to come home.

Did you know that he was someone’s companion?

Did you know that we raised him from a kitten, merely the size of one’s
hand, and have hundreds of photographs of him sleeping, playing,
pouncing, discovering and loving?

Did you know that he could play fetch?  How many cats do you
know who can do that!

Do you know the heartache you have caused, and the anger you have

Would you have done the same to an innocent, young child?

Air guns are sold over the counter, and do not require a gun license.
Like fireworks, there are both pets and children who are hurt
continuously by these easily obtainable weapons. I appeal that air guns
are treated similarly to guns of war, and
require a license to hold one.

If the person who used their air gun on Friday, 2nd April 2010, in the
Baakens Valley between Ben Kamma and Beverley Grove, came up to
apologise, and made a promise not to use their weapon again, it would
bring much relief to myself and to many people concerned of their own

You cannot replace a life. My boy is sorely missed.

Odessa Perelson

video of Holly playing fetch.

Holly the Fetch Cat
image on the left is Holly. The X-Ray image on the right is of a lead
pellet that ended Holly’s life.

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