Mendi Road Bottle Store vs Hobie Beach Lifeguard Hut – Get a Life It seems that we have
moved so far from reality in such a short space of time. Or maybe
we never moved from our rich bitch positions at all?

I read in The Herald letters of Friday morning all about the
state of the lifeguard hut on Port Elizabeth’s Hobie Beach’ and how it
needs a coat of paint. Go and paint the damn thing yourself I say.
Better yet let’s get a whole bunch of Sumemrstrand’s Galloping Grannies
and the Desperate Housewife Brigade to write letters to the Editor.

Why actually do something when it is easier to write a lot of kak and
appease your twisted broken sense of community that way?

Compare and contrast the shocking state of the lifeguard hut with
people living 10 minutes away from Summerstrand. The image below comes
of Andrew Reed who points out that the hole in the Mendi Bottle Store
wall that Councillor Jeremy Davis is closest to was recently used to
pull a women through to rape and murder her inside the building.

Mendi Road Bottle Store

Do yourself a favour and look at the disgusting state of the building
and it’s surrounds.

Just opposite the Mendi Road Bottle Store is the Emlotheni

which has also featured on MyPE for the disgusting state that it is in
– incomplete and a slap in the face for the struggle heroes interred
there. Would you like to spend your buried life in an incomplete
memorial looking out on the dregs of society committing heinous acts?

All of a sudden the ‘shocking state of the lifeguard hut’ just pales
insignificance doesn’t it? Even, dare I say it, the various sins
committed by Brother Ken
now seem to be not so bad in

And, whilst you are about it consider the fact that the people in
charge of our Metro belong to the ANC. The ANC have made it completely
clear in Council that they consider The Herald letter writers part of
the opposition or did I read it wrong when the DA was characterised as;
“…those people who walk their dogs on the beach and then write
letters to The Herald complaining about the length of the grass!”

Consider that the people in the Mendi Road area are viewed as loyal ANC

NOW ask yourself if you have it so tough when you realise that people
living in Summerstrand, which is viewed as a DA area, do not have it as
bad as
people living in New Brighton, an area viewed as loyal to the ANC!

A brief history of the Mendi Bottle

  1. The bottle store, built in the 1970s by the East Cape Bantu
    Affairs Administration Board, was burnt down by student protesters in
    August, 1976.
  2. The redevelopment of the Mendi Road Bottle Store was announced by
    the Eastern Cape Development Corporation in 2005 when Rory Riordan, of
    Dojon Financial Services made a presentation to the Nelson Mandela Bay
    municipality recreation and culture committee of the proposed
    development of a
    cultural precinct in New Brighton, to encompass Emlotheni, Mendi Bottle
    Store and the Red Location Museum. The creation of a tourism district
    was expected to create up to 1 000 permanent jobs. In the proposal the
    Mendi Bottle Store was to be developed into an arts and entertainment
  3. The Integrated Development Plan 2006 – 2011 of the Nelson Mandela
    Bay Metropolitan Municipality highlights the development of Mendi
    Bottle Store into a Youth Centre as a priority.
  4. In August 2009, Mandela Bay recreation and culture portfolio
    councillor Mike Kwenaite told scores of mourners at the funeral of
    Welcome Duru that the long-planned cultural centre on the site of the
    Mendi Bottle Store in New Brighton will bear the jazz legend’s name.
  5. A June 2010 report in The Herald highlights that the Mendi Road
    Bottle Store ‘development’ has taken a new twist as New Brighton
    resident Mongezi Ncwadi says that gangs have now taken over the bottle
  6. In Mayor Xonoxolo Wayile’s address to Premier Kiviet on 20
    October 2010 the Mendi Bottle Store gets a mention when he higlighted
    the ‘rejuvenation of socio-economic programmes in the aftermath of the
    global economic meltdown’.
  7. Years later the Mendi Road Bottle Store moulders away and is a
    haven for gangs and rubbish.

Add to the above the question about what happened to R2 million made
available for the redevelopment that cannot or will not be properly
accounted for.

It appears to me that whoever is involved in the proposed redevelopment
of the Mendi Road Bottle Store is certainly not a student of history.
Once again this is a case of Nero fiddling whilst Rome burns.

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(August 2009), Emlotheni
Memorial Park Disgrace

If anyone has an image of the Mendi Road Bottle Store in the period up
to 1976 we would gladly publish it.

What do you propose that WE do about this sad state of affairs? Please
give some workable practical solutions.

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