MyPE Water Saving Device – 100 washes from 1 litre The
ongoing drought has people scrambling to save water in Port Elizabeth
with some really helpful suggestions being thrown about.

One of my personal ‘water saving’ favourites is showering with the
Longhair – the only problem is that leads to longer than normal showers
as we tend to get even dirtier than when we started ……….

Then of course there is the ‘productive method’ of drinking water – it
takes 3.75 litres of water to make 1 litre of beer so in order to get
my full 8 glasses of water a day I have resorted to drinking 2.13
glasses of beer a day.

BUT, I saw a
novel method of dispensing water the other day using a
rectangular shaped plastic container with a hole in it – in order to
make the water run, the container just had to be stood upright.

Then I took the concept one step further and made the water exit hole
the size of a pin.

Using the above method and hole size I was able to effectively wash my
hands in
about 10 millilitres of water.

The bonus is that you can allow the water to run into your basin or
another container to effect even further savings as well.

MyPE Water Saving Hand Washing Device

Instructions to make your
own MyPE
Water Saving Device

  • Get a rectangular shaped plastic bottle.
  • Put water in the bottle.
  • Close lid.
  • Lay bottle flat.
  • Punch two pin holes in bottle – one at bottom, one near top.
  • Stand bottle upright or
    leave bottle upright and remove pin when you need to wash your hands or
    brush your teeth.

You could also try adding a little liquid soap to the water to aid hand

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