One of the Most Tender Steaks I Have Ever Had The
‘problem’ with having teenage children is that they lead busy lives
outside of the family home.

The Kangaroo (my Son) announced yesterday that he was off to Port
Alfred to row in a Heads Race on Saturday. The Apprentice Longhair (My
Daughter), after much negotiating with the Head Longhair, was allowed
to go off to The
with the Amawele (twin girls that she has
been mates with forever!).

This left us in a quandary – the old farts without children, OMG we may
be forced to order in a conversation!

The Longhair declared that she was not cooking for two and suggested
that we haul our weary bones up to Spargo’s
– just above the Atrium
in Greenacres. It is convenient, close to where we
stay and we
have found the meals to be satisfyingly large as well a reasonable in
price. The owner, Shannon, has recently employed the ABYC‘s
restauranter, Shaun, as a Butchery Manager / Blockman of note at the
Atrium Kwikspar and he has been turning out some excellent meat which
also is used in the Spargo’s kitchen.

The menu offers your standard restaurant fare and features a different
special every night. Friday night’s special was the Ribs and Calamari
combo which the Longhair opted for.

Now, I am invariably pulled in the direction of the Eisbein whenever we
go to Spargo’s but the whiff I got of the steak sauce upon entering
decided me on what is termed a ‘Rusty Rump’ – 300 grams of Rump Steak,
chips or baked potato, beans and pumpkin. The pumpkin is real old
‘Boere Pumpkin’ with lashings of sugar.

Have you noticed that some restaurants include large steak knives when
handing out working tools? Spargo’s steak knife could be used to start
a small war or as a nifty defence weapon against striking Municipal

The service was quick and we opted for a bottle of Kleine Zalze
Pinotage to accompany our meal.

Only real men eat Rare steak so the call went out for rare. The
Kangaroo always moans at me when served with a rare steak as he is
still a bit squeamish about the rush of blood that often accompanies a
fresh rare steak. Hey! less of the comments I can already hear, like;
“So then why did you order a rare steak, Alan, if only REAL men eat

As an avid Jamie Oliver wannabe a couple of years ago and whilst
processing a fine kudu that I had brought home, I recalled Jamie saying
that the best meat in the world was hung in a coldroom until a ‘crust’
formed on the surface. Then the ‘crust’ had to be removed to reveal the
finest most tender meat underneath. Unbeknownst to the Longhair I
proceeded to follow young Jamie’s advice and cut off two Kudu steaks
for a braai. Yup, they were the most tender steaks that we have ever
had. Of course I only told the Longhair of the ‘crust’ after she had
licked her plate clean!

Suffice to say that Spargo’s Rusty Rump came remarkably close to my
Kudu steak experiment – the rump was tender, no rush of blood to the
plate and a credit to fine preparation. Well Done guys.

The whole bill came to R185.00 – including wine, excluding tip.

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