Only ONE Ticket left for Nelson Mandela Bay International Music Festival Now
isn’t that a headline you would love to see?

Of course at this stage right now and, according to my Sister-in-law in
, the above headline is as truthful as it gets. We have
continuous back and forth banter that our Port Elizabeth 2010 Football
stadium is complete whilst Cape Town’s is not. And my sister-in-law’s
throw away line is that it didn’t take that long to build the Port
stadium as it can only take TEN people.

Presuming that she is correct in her erroneous assumption that our
stadium can only take ten people then the above headline is absolutely
correct as, at the time that I published this article: Nelson Mandela
Bay International Music Festival
only nine tickets had been sold to the three day event.

I am heartened to see that the Nelson Mandela
Bay International Music Festival
has engendered much talk on
the social circuit with huge
condemnation of the amounts of money that have been made available to
the Johannesburg organisers, Dompas, by the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro,
East Cape Tourism and others. The estimates of money being pumped into
staging the concert are in the region of R9 MILLION.

The tickets to the concert’s first and second days are R200.00 each and
the third and final day will cost you R225.00 each. (Computicket Port Elizabeth)

Presuming a
full capacity crowd of 40 000 on day one and day three
(both at the 2010 Stadium) and 15 000 on day two we get a ‘pie in the
sky’ turnover figure of R20 MILLION for the three days – a serious
chunk of change.

that the pre publicity will continue at it’s subdued pace
(taking into account that the publicity should have started at least
six months ago), the record of ‘failed’ events at the stadium until now
and the artists and genre’s appearing at the concert I will hazard a
guess and say that the PAID attendance figures will be closer to 5000
(Day one), 2000 (Day two) and 1500 (Day three). Bringing a grand
turnover figure total of R1 737 500 from the sale of 8 500 tickets.

Let’s take the impact a bit further and presume that a
generous 5% of
the people attending the Nelson Mandela Bay International Music
Festival have travelled specifically from out of town and stay a
minimum of three bed nights in the city, spending at least R2 000 each
per day on food, accommodation and taking in the sights in Port
Elizabeth. This means that 425 people will contribute R2 550 000 to the
economy of Port Elizabeth.

IF, and this is a big IF, my figures are correct, then someone has had

The math is simple, in the above scenario – we spend R9 Million for a
direct return of R2 550 00.00 !

ermm, if you were working for me and presented me with figures like
that I would toss you out on your arse so fast for being an idjut of
the highest degree.

BUT, let’s
have a look at what COULD HAPPEN if the Nelson Mandela Bay
International Music Festival does attract a capacity crowd of 95 00
tickets sold, at a turnover of R20 Million and presuming that we will
still attract 5% of the total attendees from out of town.

Now we are dealing with 4 750 visitors to Port Elizabeth each staying
three nights and each spending an estimated R2 000.00 a day in the city.

The total DIRECT injection into the local economy would then be R28 500

NOW we are starting to make sense, as for an outlay of R9 Million of
rate and taxpayer’s money the city would receive a direct injection to
our economy of R28.5 MILLION – get that right and you can run the
country anytime!

Factor in the value of ‘free’ coverage from broadcast, print and online
media for the Metro and we are onto a winning recipe. (Articles on MyPE
regularly receive media coverage values ranging from R3000.00 to R16
000.00 PER article – multiply that by the number and rate of articles
on numerous other properties and the Media value climbs rapidly

I want to throw a
challenge out to every Port Elizabeth citizen – Which would you rather
be part of?

  • Another failed event that costs you R6.75 Million (R9M less
    R2.55M) OR
  • A succesful event that shows a ‘profit’ of R21.5 Million
    (R28.5M less R9M)

Further to this I want to
challenge every moaner, knee jerk acitivist , complacent citizen and
delighter in scandal to do a positive thing for a change, either:

  • Support your city
  • Attend the festival
  • Promote your city in a positive way OR, at the very least
  • Vote and change the administration

There is an easy way to distinguish between a Port Elizabeth and a
Johannesburg bussinesman – the Port Elizabeth businessman boasts about
how cheap something is whereas the Johannesburg businessman boasts
about how expensive something is. We need to find the middle ground in
our quest for excellence in the metro and aim profitably for the sky,
looking after our LOCAL resources and businesses whilst ensuring that
our metro becomes profitable.

Merely throwing an event together and then expecting the tickets to
sell like Hammer and Sickle Caps at an ANC Rally is not enough. The
time has come to demand that money from the public purse is only given
out when certain guaranteed iron clad outcomes will be met.

In the meantime I urge you to support the event in some small way – I,
for one, am tired of being the laughing stock of Cape Town,
Durban and
Blikkiesdorp in Outer Orania who continually
point out Port Elizabeth’s failing. Let’s save a bit of face here and
in the words of our new Mayor; “Subjugate our political and petty
allegiances for the sake of this wonderful METRO!” To which I want to
add a caveat – this ‘profitable’ METRO!

* ermmm, Dompas, may I have four media passes to the Mandela
Bay International Music Festival
, please 🙂

Some of the Artist CD’s
and DVD’s:
| Live At The Newport Jazz Festival
| The Orchard
| Dreaming Wide Awake | Hope
| Pola
| Best Of Hugh Masekela – On Novus.

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