Packaging You can Safely Feed to Your Animals Do Port Elizabethan’s
care about sustainable products? Are you interested in seeing your
offices, deli’s and restaurants using biodegradable and compostable
material to replace plastic and polystyrene?

The road of an eco warrior will also see that you pay around R2.00 more
for your meals if they are presented in biodegradable plates and
utensils as opposed to china that needs to be washed, or plastic that
cannot biodegrade?

High quality plates, bowls, cups, salad boxes and utensils, unbleached
toilet rolls and napkins made from bagasse (the fibrous sugar cane pulp
remaining once sugar has been extracted from cane) and corn starch are
now available.

Every utensil and plate biodegrades and has no toxins. Everything looks
almost exactly the same as its plastic counterpart, but it doesn’t use
oil in the manufacturing thereof! Everything is made from the waste
products of the sugar and agricultural industries.

And, if you forget to clean up after your picnic then wildlife can eat
anything carelessly discarded and suffer no ill effect from the product.

, Southern Africa’s leading biodegradable food packaging
supplier now has a presence in Port

The European Union is considering enforcing the use of Biodegradable
packaging in all supermarkets!

Green establishments, offices, restaurants, Bed and Breakfasts, event
managers, wedding planners, organic producers will benefit from the
street cred of biodegradable packaging products and contribute to help
conserve our beautiful countryside.

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