PE Dolphins Doing Well in Hong Kong
“Nearly six months has passed since the departure of the Bayworld
dolphins, Domino and Dumisa, to their new home at the Ocean
Park in
Hong Kong
and both are doing well,” says Bayworld PR Elouise

The relocation of the Bayworld dolphins was part of an
breeding loan agreement made to firstly ensure that in-breeding is
prevented between the two animals, as the male was both father and
brother of the calf, and also to house them in a safe social
environment whilst a major upgrade of the Oceanarium is implemented to
achieve compliance with world standards for a dolphin holding facility.

Since its opening in January 1977, the non-profit organisation, Ocean
Park, has developed into a world-class attraction connecting people
with nature, and is recognised for its animal husbandry, research and
relationship with the community.

“Ocean Park’s skilled and experienced animal keepers, veterinary
personnel and management share Bayworld’s values and beliefs in caring
for these animals.”  said Bayworld Director, Sylvia van Zyl.
“In that sense, we knew that the integration protocols followed and the
care given to our animals would involve as much attention to individual
needs as we would have done ourselves, under the circumstances.”

On their arrival, Domino and Dumisa were moved into a brand new, state
of the art dolphin holding facility. They adapted exceptionally well to
their new surroundings and have enjoyed all the attention and
interaction with Ocean Park’s many animal trainers and veterinary
staff, as well as delighting in a range of new and familiar enrichment

The integration of the dolphins with the Ocean Park animals has been a
slow, meticulously planned process. They are closely monitored for any
changes in behaviour or eating patterns.

Initially the Bayworld two were introduced to
two young male dolphins
called Anson and Ginsan, after the mandatory quarantine period. The
much anticipated meeting was an anticlimax when the Bayworld dolphins
were not the least bit curious about their new friends – Dumisa being
more interested in the attention of the trainers. However, they have
since become good companions interacting with each other in the
spacious number of interconnecting pools.

Earlier this month, Dumisa was introduced to other female dolphins and
the process of slowly weaning Domino and Dumisa from each other began.
She spent a number of uneventful days apart from Domino, accompanied by
two older female dolphins, while he spent his time with Anson and
Ginsan. During this separation period, they were not looking for each
other. Subsequently they were relocated to a different facility last
week and both are doing well. Domino is now grouped together with the
boys to form the presentation group which he and Anson commenced with
in the Ocean Theatre * last weekend.

Dumisa has been placed with the female group and is settling in and
eating well.

* According to the Ocean Park web site the new Ocean Theatre
production, Sea Dreams, is; “… an
international world class production with sound editing provided by an
Oscar winner, featuring delightful music, dazzling backdrops, and
stunning performances by its animal stars on stage and up-close with
the audience. The 6-scene show unfolds with a grandfather telling his
granddaughter about his dream of how humans and animals can live
harmoniously, with mutual love and respect.

In fact the park looks so great I am beginning to have doubts whether
Domino and Dumisa will ever pine for good old Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth
or Bayworld!

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