Physiognomy or Face profiling

Having a Bed and Breakfast I have the pleasure of meeting new people almost everyday of my life, people that are interesting, strange, funny, hilarious, serious and then those that become friends within a matter of minutes.  One such a person is Marthie Mare, the nicest, kindest and one of the most interesting people I have had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with.

We met about two years ago at the Country Life magazine day what ever, for bed and breakfast owners.  Marthie was one of the guest speakers and the only reason we started chatting is that we are both smokers.  Now let us look as this smoking issue for three seconds, these days smokers are banned to little corners well out of everybody’s way where we can indulge in our ‘name it what ever you like’ habit.  The result is that we talk, we laugh and we make friends instantly.  And that is exactly where Marthie and I met, under a tree having a cup of coffee and of course indulging in our ‘name it what ever you like’ habit.
We kept in contact and some weeks ago when Marthie came back to work in Port Elizabeth, she booked her stay right here at Willow Cottage Bed and Breakfast.  Marthie is a face profiler and for me to explain what she does or how it works will be completely impossible.  Thus, I copied and pasted from her website in her own words an explanation as to what face profiling or physiognomy exactly is, so here goes ……

Your personality is projected by the structure, lines and shapes on your face and reflects thinking patterns, personal experiences, mental attitudes, personal power, life priorities, character traits, intimacy requirements, work ethics, financial / security needs, spending style, personal preferences and so much more!

First impressions are vital in communication with others. Many times we wish for an opportunity to have a second chance at making a better first impression by approaching the person in a different way. If only we could get some inside information about new people we meet: how they think, how sensitive they are, what their priorities in life are, how they spend money, how they make decisions or how much they care for others. This is exactly what physiognomy has to offer: an insight beyond facial expression.

With Marthie’s help I now understand and honour the lines in my face, the deep ridge between my eyes is my Mother Theresa line and the ugly brown mark, my mark of determination when life throws me few curve balls.

To find out more about physiognomy or face profiling and to contact Marthie you can visit her website on

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