Port Elizabeth Plonkers

Sometimes things that make your day just happen one after the other. I
must confess that I am still waiting for the day to be topped on which
TWO of my lifelong desires were fulfilled.

Now that you have had time to think about those desires and place your
depraved, sick, dirty mind into high gear let me tell you quickly what
those desires were; I always wanted to bite a finger being waved in my
face in misguided anger and, one day, it happened. Little was I to know
that this
would soon be quickly followed by the fulfillment of desire number TWO
which was to stand laughing at a guy with a knife in his hand and
caution him thus; “Never bring a knife to a GUNFIGHT, Boet!”

Aaaaah happy days.

Time moves on, though and desires change with the fading colour of ones
hair. A perennial favourite is catching miscreant’s parking in disabled
parking bays. With the present drought the need to catch a
off road motorcyle bastard tearing up the dry and dusty Parsons Hill
Park has also become a burning desire.

And, waddya know? On Sunday I caught the off road motorcycle bastard
tearing up the Parsons Hill Park on film. This triumph was closely
followed by an e-mail from Michael of an image of CYH 968 EC – a silver
Toyota something or other parked in the disabled parking at
Summerbreeze Superspar in Summerstand.

More happy days for moi!

Parsons Hill Park Offroad Motorbike

Now, I am prepared to forgive someone trying out a new off road
motorbike in the park once. Being an idiot ONCE is slightly acceptable.
But, when that idiot returns to the park again and again, rides without
a helmet, rides an unlicensed motorbike, rides over public roads AND I
miss getting a photograph of this rogue in action every single time I
rush outside, then the wrath of MyPE will escalate.

In addition the park is home to various bird species including ground
laying Thick Knees which, I am sure, have now moved on to other
pastures as I no longer hear them crying out to each other anymore.

This particular ‘rogue’ crosses over from his home on Trichardt Street
in Parsons Hill, tears up and down the park a couple of times, then
crosses Brebner and Trichardt
Streets again on his way to the other
park bordering Parsons Hill.

Silver Toyota CYH 968 EC

The Summerstrand Summerbreeze Supermarket NON-Disabled Miscreant
snapped at 07:39 (actually 07:38:52) on Michael’s Blackberry phone.

As Michael says of CYH 968 EC; “There were plenty of open bays close to
the entrance, but they chose to park in the disabled bay.” There are no
fools in Michael’s family as he also sent in an image of the front
windscreen of the Silver Toyota
showing clearly that a
disabled sticker
is NOT displayed.

Cursory (as opposed to careful) observation of the images will show
that no wheelchair roof racks or other stickers are visible showing
that this vehicle belongs to a genuinely disabled person.

Having a Father in Law who is unable to walk far and has a disabled
sticker on his vehicle surely qualifies me to judge that the
Summerstrand Summerbreeze Superspar NON-Disabled Miscreant was actually
just taking a chance and that the FAT lazy bastard was perfectly able
to waddle the ailses of Summerbreeze Supermarket looking for more cream

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