Port Elizabethans of Hardy Stock

www.MyPE.co.za: Over
a number of years, three Richmond Hill residents quietly and lovingly
tended to an area of public open space at 114 Mackay Street in Richmond
Hill, Port Elizabeth.

Aloes Destroyed in Mackay StreetKeith, Cathy and
Graham ‘adopted’ the municipal property and set out to
beautify the space after removing the many years of junk that had been
piled there. As Keith says; “The intial three months was back breaking.
The neighbourhood considered the area a dump and we had broken bottles,
car windshields, baby cots and 100’s of kilograms of tar and rubble to
remove. We borrowed a trailer and took away 600 kilogram’s of junk to
the Arlington Tip.”

Keith, Cathy and Graham planted indigineous aloes and continued in
keeping the space clean and free of alien vegetation by putting in
around an hour a day and two hours on a Saturday or Sunday, sometimes
stretching into a full day.

The residents of the area have only passed positive comments on the
results from this hard working trio and, as Keith says, “The only
problem is that some of the plants do make awfully good flowering
spectacles every now and then. Then it is not uncommon for flowers to
be broken off and occassionally we lose entire plants.”

Broken flowers one can live with, BUT, when a set of miscreants set out
to destroy every Aloe plant in an attempt to get the Aloe Sap and, in
the process, destroy years of hard work then one realises just why so
many people give up and don’t bother to continue to contribute
unselfishly to the greater community.

Six years worth of work and Aloe growth down the drain in one fell
swoop as these greedy bastards destroyed an area of natural beauty in
an hour or two.

BUT, Port Elizabethans are hardy fellows who get right up again and
carry doggedly on, as Keith and his merry band will get right back on
the horse and start again. “Well I do expect that this was a once-off
incident. The culprits were after the aloes sap – we wont have any
aloes of that size for another 6 years at least. We will be
rehabilitating the aloes over the next 3 weeks. Not having the garden
hose is brutal – I seem to be getting Tennis Elbow in both arms.”
remarked Keith.

Residents are asked to help by ensuring that any contractor they use
will not bring their scrap to the working garden.

of the destroyed Aloes
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