Share Your Dave Goldblum Memories With Us Back
in the terrible dark days of apartheid when white males over the age of
18 either went to the army or jail for refusing to do so, I met Dave
Goldblum in Grahamstown at the dreaded 6th South African Infantry
Brigade (or Ses Naai as it was ‘affectionately’ known!).

Imagine the looks on the faces of the ware Afrikaners who had sluiped
in from darkest Free State when they beheld this long haired “Soutie
wiff ‘n Kitaar” on his back.

The only long haired men that they had ever seen were their sisters
driving tractors and shooting buck.

Dave was the Souties tenuous link to a saner world. After a long day
picking the wrong leaves, doing push ups, constantly running to and
from the toilet, church, mess hall and everywhere else, Dave would pick
up his guitar and play, another troep would sluip in and join him in a
duet and we would forget that awful Korporaal Spoegenpoes and the
pathetic attempts at brainwashing whilst Dave’s melodies transported us
to loved ones and the African bush free of guns and violence.

The same too when we traveled to Eenhana on the Namibian (South West)
border; for 6 months Dave hosted evening jam sessions in our tent – us
shaven headed troopies gathered in a brown bunch chilling to Dave’s

The number of National Serviceman who remember those sessions must
number in the thousands. The number of National Servicemen who owe
their continued sanity to Dave Goldblum’s ability to connect us all
with a normal society must also be many.

And now, sadly, I find out from Dorien Du Toit, that Dave Goldblum was
recently hospitalised with a sugar diabetes induced semi-coma plus
complications. After a while in Livingstone Hospital, Dave is back home
but faces a difficult future controlling his advanced diabetes.

Dorien says; “Dave, Theresa and their infant strain under the usual
financial constraints of a musician’s negligible income, and are now
facing large continuing medical costs. Let us salute his genius of
decades of songwriting and brilliant performances, his endless
generosity and warmth, & demonstrate support of those who
lighten our spirit with their sweet sounds. It was even Dave’s song
“Say Africa” that was used by FIFA to welcome the world to Africa at
the soccer world cup (sung by Vusi Mahlasela to billions of viewers).”

Dorien is organising a benefit concert for Dave Goldblum on 17
September 2010 at Toni’s Place.

The benefit concert will start at 7:00 p.m. and Dorien is looking for
performers to come along and share.

If you cannot make the
benefit concert then help Dave by filling
his bank account up with lovely filthy lucre:
Goldblum, Account No. 383709113, Transmission, Rink Street Branch,
Code 050417, Standard Bank.

The Pietermaritzburg and Cape Town Folk Clubs have also indicated their
intention to hold a Dave Goldblum benefit.

Book your tables at Toni’s Place
for the Dave Goldblum Benefit Concert.

Phone Dorien on 072 658 3006 for more information.

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