So, You Are Afraid to Stay In Port Elizabeth During the World Cup! The
2010 World Cup is one of the biggest events to ever hit South Africa
and all we hear from the doom and gloom naysayers is that tourists to
our lovely neck of the woods are going to be:

  • Ripped Off
  • Unsafe
  • Raped
  • Robbed
  • Killed
  • Knifed
  • Get Aids
  • Have a Crap time
  • Laugh at our 3rd World infrastructure
  • Die in our hospitals
  • and, and, and.

As someone who has travelled a little bit and hosted many visitors to
Port Elizabeth – local, national and international I have the following
messages to anyone contemplating popping down to Port Elizabeth for a
visit over the FIFA World Cup (Book Accommodation at a Friendly City Guest House):

Port Elizabeth is known
as the Friendly City so you can expect to be:

  • Welcomed
  • Hugged
  • Learn all kinds of new handshakes
  • Invited to all manner of social events
  • Transported by caring citizens for free
  • Pose for many photographs
  • Given copiuos amounts of alcohol
  • Taken Sailing
  • Taken on safari
  • Thanked for coming
  • Cheered
  • Invited Back
  • Gain a real understanding of what it is to be an African
  • Sad when you leave
  • An ambassador for Port Elizabeth, South
    until the day you die.

Welcome to Port Elizabeth, enjoy your stay, ask
assistance, open your
heart and accept our love

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The Newton

The Newton Guest House is situated in Hurd Street, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth. We offer a safe, quiet environment, catering mostly for the corporate businesses in the area. The six rooms are built around the swimming pool, across from a spacious dining area where a full hot or cold breakfast with all the trimmings is served every morning. All rooms are kept exceptionally clean and smoke-free. Rates: From R275.00 per person sharing a room including a full breakfast. R410.00 single rate The Newton Guest House is situated in Hurd Street, Newton Park, a quiet suburb within convenient distance of the corporate hub of Port … [Book here...]

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