Stoned knife-wielding Thugs Back Off From
the Atlas Security Crime
Newsletter we have picked out a couple of interesting crime incidents:

  1. Stoned
    knife-wielding Thugs Back Off
  2. Woman
    mugged by two screwdriver thugs
  3. Arsonists
    set fire to Parsons Hill home
  4. Woman
    stabbed and robbed in Newton Park – ATLAS makes arrest in
  5. Elderly
    woman beaten during house robbery
  6. Unsuspecting
    homeowner opens door to armed robbers
  7. Band
    of thieves in black vehicle targeting schools
  8. Young
    children involved in copper theft
  9. Man
    robbed in his yard by five armed men
  10. Three
    plasma screen TV’s nabbed within 20 seconds
  11. Neighbourhood
    Watch Contacts
  12. Crime

Stoned knife-wielding
Thugs Back Off

Five robbers turned in their tracks when they tried to rob a business
in Ranger Street, Markman Industrial at 13h17 on Sunday.

The person staying on site pressed the panic button after the attempted
robbery and a vehicle was dispatched to the scene. Apparently, a gang
of five men tried to steal a generator from the business, but were
stoned and chased away by the employees.

The suspects fled empty-handed.

Woman mugged by two
screwdriver thugs

Two criminals armed with screwdrivers robbed a woman of her cell phone
in Luneville Road, Lorraine at 11h32 on Wednesday last week.

The woman was walking alone down the street on her way to attend a
class in the area when the two thugs approached her and forced her to
hand over her valuables. After the robbery, the suspects fled and the
women ran to a nearby shop.

The shop owner called ATLAS the minute the shaken woman ran into the
shop shouting for help. She told the owner that she had been robbed of
her pink chatterbox cell phone. The victim described the two male
thieves to be in their early twenties. One of them wore a beanie and
both were tall men.

Apparently the men fled in the direction of the location. ATLAS
vehicles combed the area for the suspects, but the search was not

Arsonists set fire
to Parsons Hill home

Criminals vandalised a house in Tucker Street, Parsons Hill by throwing
petrol against the wall and lighting it.

Shortly after 21h00 on Wednesday evening last week, the homeowner went
to answer the front door after the door bell rang. When she opened the
door, the smell of petrol overwhelmed her and her front wall was on
fire. The suspects had fled after setting the blaze and were nowhere to
be seen.

The owner phoned ATLAS reporting the incident and a response team was
sent to investigate.

No significant damage was done to the house and the motive for the
crime is not yet known. The ATLAS vehicle in the area continued to
patrol the streets for the remainder of the night in search of the
suspects and to ensure the incident did not escalate or reoccur.

Woman stabbed and robbed in Newton Park –
ATLAS makes arrest in Walmer

Another woman was robbed by two armed men in Ryan Street, Newton Park
at 10h03 on Thursday morning last week.

The woman was walking in the street carrying her handbag over her
shoulder. Two suspects unexpectedly surprised her and drew their
knives. They grabbed her bag and stabbed her a few times in her left
upper arm. They succeeded with their robbery and made off with her
handbag that contained her house keys, cell phone and other valuables.

The victim immediately contacted ATLAS after the robbery and a response
vehicle arrived within minutes. The police were also dispatched to the
scene to conduct an investigation.

She reported that both suspects wore royal blue overall suits with
yellow stripes. She noticed that they fled in the direction of the
nearby golf course.

ATLAS and the police launched a search party and were adamant to hunt
down the robbers. The police soon informed the rest of the team that
they had found the two overalls on the corner of Graham and First
Avenues. While they were chasing the two criminals, they noticed that
one of them wore a red shirt and a red cap and had a dreadlock

The ATLAS Officers spotted two suspects who fitted the description
entering the valley. All emergency personnel then entered the valley
from various angles. The criminals changed direction and ran towards
Dodds Farm in Walmer. The pursuit continued and both criminals were
finally arrested in the yard of a Golf Road residence in Walmer.

The victim was contacted and informed of the arrest and that she should
open a case with the police.

Elderly woman beaten during house robbery

An elderly woman resident of du Plooy Street in Rowallan Park was
assaulted during a house robbery at 20h28 on Thursday evening last week.

ATLAS Response Officers were informed of the house robbery and assisted
the police at the crime scene.

The criminals entered the house by breaking into the main bedroom where
the woman was in bed. They assaulted her before tying her up and then
ransacked the entire house and left it in an absolute mess. The
criminals stole all the cell phones in the house before fleeing the

After the incident, the victim managed to untie herself and contacted
the police for help.

A case of house robbery was opened and the police are investigating.

Unsuspecting homeowner
opens door to armed robbers

Shortly after 20h30 on Thursday night last week, a homeowner in
Singaphi Street, New Brighton answered a knock at her front door and
was taken by surprise as three armed men stormed into the house.

The three robbers went through the house but only took two cell phones
and left in a hurry. Stunned and in shock, the homeowner pressed her
panic button, summoning ATLAS Armed Response. The search of the area
proved fruitless.

Police are investigating a case of armed robbery.

Band of thieves in black
vehicle targeting schools

On Friday afternoon last week, just after 14h00, ATLAS Armed Response
was alerted to a theft that had taken place at a primary school in the
Walmer Heights area.

The Response Officers questioned the security guard on site who
confirmed that four smartly dressed suspects driving a black vehicle
entered the school yard. He did not suspect anything as it seemed they
were there to collect a scholar.

The four suspects, three females and one male, entered the school and
found an unattended laptop which they stole.

The police were alerted and a case of theft was opened.

Young children
involved in copper theft

On Saturday, late afternoon, a business owner in Kempston Road, Sidwell
received a call from an employee who was working late, who reported
that there were five suspects in the yard.

The business owner immediately called the ATLAS Control Centre who
dispatched a vehicle to the scene.

Arriving within minutes, the ATLAS Response Officer managed to arrest
one of the fleeing suspects and the police were notified. The other
four suspects, two adults and two children (both under the age of six),
escaped empty-handed. It seems the opportunistic thieves were out
“scouting” for copper piping to steal.

The business owner arrived on site and decided that he was not going to
open a case, as the suspects had not stolen anything.

Man robbed in his yard by five armed men

A homeowner in Humewood Road, Humewood was robbed by five suspects
shortly after 21h00 on Sunday evening.

The owner was in the front yard when five armed suspects jumped over
the wall and approached him. They were all wearing balaclavas and then
drew their pistols and threatened the owner at gunpoint. They forced
him into the house, tied him up and started ransacking the place. They
made off with an undisclosed amount of money, cell phones, jewellery
and other smaller items. They packed their loot into a black suitcase
and fled the scene.

The owner phoned the ATLAS Control Room after the robbery and requested
a response vehicle and the police to meet him at his house. The police
arrived and took a detailed statement from the victim and conducted a
full investigation at the scene.

A case of house robbery was opened with the police, who will

Three plasma screen
TV’s nabbed within 20 seconds

Businesses and homes containing and displaying expensive plasma screen
TV’s are currently under attack in Port Elizabeth. More and more of
these sought-after items are being stolen and it is suspected that
there is a lucrative black market for them.

A business in Port Elizabeth lost three large plasma screen TV’s at
03h52 on Monday morning this week.

The CCTV footage shows how quickly the brazen burglars broke down the
front door and gained entry into the premises. The three men dispersed
inside the building and simply pulled three plasmas from the display
wall and carried them to a vehicle that was waiting in the parking
area. All of this took place within 20 seconds.

A case of burglary was opened with the police, who will investigate.


  • Framesby Neighbourhood Watch: Danie 083-654-5764, Dirk
  • Fernglen Community Watch: Contact Corrie Meyer 0832709895
    or Ken Jack
  • Garden Suburb Crime Forum: This area includes Lorraine,
    Lorraine Manor,
    Kamma Park, Kamma Heights, Goldwater, Woodlands, Weybridge Park, Kragga
    Kamma Park and Hancorn. Contact Glenn Scheepers on 084-288-0594 for
    more information.
  • Greenbushes/Waterkloof Neighbourhood watch: D Thomas
    082-968-6984 or
    041 372 2310 or donthom[at]
    You can also contact Wilhelm
    Puchert on 082-473-0084 or Jeffrey Slater on 084-504-2526
  • Mount Croix area: Jacquie 083-740-9734 or 041-373-5015 jacquieb[at]
  • Millard Grange (Incorporating Glendinningvale and Parsons
    Hill): Tim mgcfpost[at]
    or call 082-781-1770.
  • Mount Pleasant: Residents from Mount Pleasant East (Rhodes
    St. east to
    Glendore-Genadendal) can contact Edward on 078-114-1669. Mount Pleasant
    West (Rhodes St. west to Boundary Lane) can contact Donald on
  • Redhouse Weekend Neighbourhood Watch: David 041-463-2734
  • South End Community Watch: Karen Karen[at]
    or call
  • Summerstrand Neighbourhood Watch: Clifford 041-583-2541 or
  • Sydenham Neighbourhood Watch: Maureen Viviers 082-868-7930
    or Noleen
    Dippenaar 083-489-4093
  • Westering Neighbourhood Watch: Nigel Fitt neighbourhoodwatch[at]
    or 082-747-1471

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