Support to Criminalise Prostitution Grows
John Preller
is chairman of the
Community Police Forum
and is a very
involved and pro-active member of the Port Elizabeth community.

John Preller's Crime Column - Humewood Community Police Forum, Port Elizabeth

Trafficking – Support from the public’s campaign to Enforce the Law

will either find a way, or make one”
Hannibal 247 – 183 B.C. Carthaginian General

I am also happy to report that the mass support to lobby a public
campaign to enforce the sexual offences act to criminalise prostitution
has been successful beyond our expectations.
The SA Law Reform Commission (SALRC) reports they have received
thousands of submissions on adult prostitution – the majority of who
oppose decriminalized prostitution in SA.

This finding confirms a count I did at the Port Elizabeth discussion
that reflected  70% in favour of a Total criminalizing of
prostitution, with amendments to further prosecute the generators of
prostitution (Customers) and the prosecution of those living off the
proceeds of prostitution (Pimps) and providing a diversionary approach
to the Victims of Prostitution (the Prostitutes who are in need of
Detox, Drug/Alcohol Rehabilitation and life skills and job creation
opportunities in stead of prison time,)

In the event of a second offence they get another opportunity to
recover with a diversionary approach that assist them in exiting
Prostitution with a complementary alternative option to find legal job
opportunities. But with a third strike they are subjected to criminal
penalties as habitual offenders – This seems to be a general approach
which we have are promoting.

Dellene Clark of the SALRC, says legislative recommendations to the
Minister of Justice will only be made early in 2011.

But what happens
during the interim is critical – especially with the 2010 World Cup

The Family Policy Institute has launched a public campaign that
encourages citizens to demand that government officials enforce the
laws in the Sexual offences Act currently on our statute books.

The SA Police Service has largely ignored the laws that criminalizes
the buying and selling of sex -allowing pimps, gangs, criminal
syndicates and sex traffickers to flourish in our communities.

The liberal secular media are ignoring this story because they are
complicit in the sexual exploitation of women. SA newspaper classifieds
are full of ads selling women as commodities.

In a related story, the media reports that Deputy President, Kgalema
Montlanthe agreed to meet with “sex worker” representatives to “better
understand their situation”. What we ask with tears in our eyes, is
there to understand?

However, what this effectively means under the current law is that
government will be meeting with representatives of organised crime –
thereby undermining the rule of law.

Errol Naidoo representing the Family Policy Institute has submitted a
press release to the media calling on government to honour their
constitutional obligations to the SA public by enforcing the law
& not to negotiate with criminals.

Family Policy Institute will monitor the legislative process regarding
prostitution and will keep the public updated and informed about our
constitutional rights to defend women & children.

Please note the
following appeal from Errol Naidoo Family Policy Institute:

“Please immediately write to the Minister or Deputy Minister of Police
including the Provincial MEC’s for Police in your province and demand
they enforce the Sexual Offences Act with immediate effect!

Please be respectful but firm. You are exercising your constitutional
rights and civic duty by demanding that your elected officials and the
police enforce the laws on our statute books.

In addition, if you are aware of any suspicious activity in your area –
inform your provincial MEC.

If you and I fail to act now many more vulnerable women and children
will be lured into sexual slavery right in your communities and will be
consigned to a life of misery and despair.

Please act now! Take a bold stand and speak up for those who cannot
speak for themselves!

The following are the contact details of your elected government
officials who are sworn to serve and protect you and to uphold the
Constitution without fear or favour. Make your voice heard!”

  • National Minister of Police – Mr. Nathi Mthethwa:
    Private Bag X9080 Cape Town, 8000, Private Bag X463, PRETORIA, 0001, monahengt[at]
  • Deputy National  Minister of Police – Mr.
    Fikile April Mbalula: Private Bag X9080, CAPE TOWN, 8000, Private Bag
    X463, PRETORIA, 0001, ludidio[at]
  • MEC for Community Safety – Western Cape – Mr Lennit
    Max: PO Box 5346, CAPE TOWN, 8000 Street, Waldorf Building, 11 Floor,
    St Georges Mall, CAPE TOWN, palloyd[at]
  • MEC for Community Safety – Gauteng – Mr Khabisi
    Mosunkutu: PO Box 62440, MARSHALLTOWN, 2107, tamaryn.whitfield[at]
  • MEC for Community Safety – Eastern Cape – Ghishima
    Barry: marge.peters[at]
  • MEC for Police, Roads and Transport – Free State – Mr
    Thabo Manyoni: PO Box 119, BLOEMFONTEIN, 9300, klaasd[at]
  • MEC for Transport and Community Safety and Liaison –
    KwaZulu-Natal – Mr Bheki Hamilton Cele: Private Bag X9043,
    PIETERMARITZBURG, 3200, Sharon.gaehler[at]
  • MEC for Community Safety, Security and Liaison –
    Mpumalanga – Ms Sibongile Manana: Private Bag X11269, NELSPRUIT, 1200, tmadileng[at]

John Preller
Fax: 086 6661145
Cell: 084 446 7137
E-mail: jpreller[AT]

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