Tank Farm Controlled Burn Images

www.MyPE.co.za: Check
out the ‘controlled burn’ at the tank farm. Easigas say they do this test
every four months. (Burn Images)

Wonder if it had anything to do with the terrible gas smell that
engulfed the Humewood area the previous week?

Tank Farm Controlled Burn

I will be asking the following questions at the next council meeting:

  • was the burn authorised?
  • by whom?
  • were metro Fire & Safety officials present?
  • what was the reason for the burn?
  • what substance was being burnt?
  • what was the cause for the terrible gas smell that reached
    throughout Humewood last week?
  • can anything go wrong with a controlled burn?
  • if this test is conducted every four months as claimed by
    Easigas, when have previous burns taken place
  • given the history of various leaks from this facility was
    there any risk of other leaked substances igniting?
  • were the public informed and how?
  • was the ward councillor notified?

I was not at all comfortable with this exercise for many of the reasons
stated above. It is well documented that the vast majority of these
tanks have far exceeded their recommended safe lifespan and this once
again only underlines why this facility should be relocated as soon as

Dean Biddulph
Ward 2

Editors questions:

  1. What would you
    think if you saw the above happening at the Tank Farm?
  2. Have you EVER
    seen a ‘controlled burn’ such as this happen before?

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