The Power of Article Marketing There
are many ways to market your business on the
Internet, and using search engine optimised articles has to be one of
the “keeper” strategies for getting pre-qualified ‘natural’ search
engine traffic to your web site.

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard all this before, “people search the Internet
looking for information. People just don’t search the web to buy your
products or services!

If you truly understand this search “path” then you understand the meat
and potatoes of how the web works, it’s an information resource for

Search engines need content to be able to rank web sites, so that they
can continually get searchers BACK to their engines. The more searchers
they have searching for relevant content on a search engine means more
revenue for that search engine hence the mind blowing success of Google.

This is why blogs and RSS have become the “buzz”. Blogs and RSS make
the content “fluid” – meaning that the content changes often. This
means that the search engine bots love these technologies, visit more
often, and then rank the content well, but only if the blog articles
are keyword optimised.

To see how this works go to any news site. News sites have a volume of
ever-changing content. For example MyPE gets spidered
(visited) by the Google bot every 10 seconds. This basically means that
Google is madly in love with MyPE.

Why? Because of MyPE’s ever changing content, they go to where the
good, and changing content is more often.

The SEO aspect of article writing:

Think of SEO as “filing”. What I mean by
this is that good search engine optimisation strategies help the search
engine to “file” your content appropriately. Good keyword analysis
gives you the information to enable the search engine bot with the
‘right’ filing.

There are no smoke and mirror tactics here. Your Mother was right when
she told you that ‘telling the truth is always better in the long run’.
This principle especially applies to good SEO practice.

Now, how do we take this concept of “fluid”, search engine optimised
content and turn it into a Links IN bonanza for your own web site (thus
sending your rankings through the roof over time, so to speak)?

Here are the things you
need to consider:

1. Ensure that the link for your article is on a web page hosted on a
unique IP address, this however is a problem on shared hosting servers.

2. Ensure that the link for your article is on a web page that has a
unique, wholly independent set of backlinks.

3. Ensure that the link is on a web page that is relevant to the topic
of your own web site.

You see, it’s not just a matter of having your articles on just any
article directory. Your articles need to be in a category (and
preferably a specialist directory) that is within “theme’. In other
words you would never post your article on ‘looking after your cattle
dog’ on a directory that is focused on Financial Management.

In addition to placing your articles on article directories one can
also run your articles on press release service sites, and of course
there are RSS strategies (but that’s a whole other story, and another

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