There is a Fine Line Between Spam and Non Spam The
Business Directory
lists close to 15 000 businesses with an
dialling code. Many of these businesses are contactable via an e-mail
form on their detailed exclusive page listing important information
about the business. These listings are free, but
paid options do exist.

Now the comment and e-mail forms are protected from automated robot
spamming techniques but not from enterprising individuals who wish to
tout for business via the e-mail or comment form.

The comment form is relatively benign as all comments are submitted for
approval and 99.9% of the crappy comments are filtered before being
aproved for publication.

The e-mail form is a different beast, though. I used to receive copies
of every e-mail that were sent via this form and, due to the sheer
volume of enquiries being sent, I had to disable that particular spam
cop job.

Up until recently I have had very few complaints of suspected spamming
activity via the e-mail form – mostly confined to businesses
complaining about other businesses touting for business.

Firmly believing in the adage that it is possible to turn every
negative into a positive I present the recent correspondence that I had
with two such businesses – one that sent me the ‘offending suspected
spam’ e-mail received via the MyPE e-mail form and my e-mail to the
business ‘suspected’ of spamming:

to suspected spamming business:


As you are well aware MyPE is passionately about Port Elizabeth and
promotes PE business at every opportunity that we can.

Often this means that we have tools available in the MyPE Directory
that could be used in such a manner that they could be considered spam.

Let’s turn what could be a negative into a positive shall we?

It has been brought to my attention that you have been touting for
business via the MyPE Directory e-mail facility – a copy of your mail
to a business listed in the MyPE Business Directory appears below for
your reference:

To Whom This May Concern

would like to offer you the oppotunity of having an
elegant, stylish and professional website designed for your business.
The design will include a home page, services page, galley and an
online contact form which will be sent directly to your email. NAME
REMOVED will set up the website and host it for an
unbelievable price
of only R999.99

Should you be interested kindly respond to this email or visit our
website at www.NAME

Yours Faithfully


Now this places us in a precarious position as some businesses in the
MyPE Directory get loads of new customers from this very same form that
you have used to tout for business and I would not like to remove said

Also I feel very uncomfortable knowing that some people are using this
form to tout for business.

May I suggest the
following actions in future:

  • Check to see if the business listed HAS a web site (I know
    for a fact
    that the business you approached in the above form does have a web
  • Do a Search Engine Search to see if your prospect does have
    a web site.
  • Once you have established that your prospect does not have
    a web site
    rather pick up the phone first (I have found that businesses accept
    cold sales calls if the product or service will fill a need).
  • Try not to send an e-mail via the MyPE Directory form first
    as people
    have a low tolerance for what they deem as spam (I tend to get shouted
    at and derided even although MyPE does provide FREE listings for all
    businesses with an 041 dialling code).

If you simply have to push that submit button on the MyPE form then
please consider changing your e-mail to read as follows:


I was looking for (place product or service name here) in the very
informative MyPE
and landed on your MyPE

As it was after working hours I was unable to phone you I tried to
visit your web site by clicking through from MyPE and noticed that you
do not have a web site.

I then tried to Google (place name of business here) and was
unsuccesful in finding your web site – only the MyPE listing for your
business in the 1st position.

It just so happens that I am in the business of designing web sites and
had to write to tell you that my company, www.NAME,
running a special at the moment.

If you do have a web site and need to improve your search engine
ranking (like most people, I don’t look past the first page of results)
then please allow me to recommend
for desk top search
engine optimisation software that works.

If you don’t mind, I will attempt to phone you in the near future to
discuss your web site needs.



There you go, ‘Mr Looking for Business’, I am sure that the above
e-mail will get you
more business and make everyone happy.



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