Ward 3 Report – November 2010

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Councillor Andre Goosen …

WARD 3 REPORT – November 2010

In this Report:

  1. Public
  2. Council
    Meeting – 29 October 2010
  3. Housing
    and Land
  4. Budget
    and Treasury
  5. Sport
    Recreation Arts and Culture
  6. Municipal
    Public Accounts Committee
  7. Council
    Meeting – 2 December 2010


  1. A presentation was done by Kobus Slabbert on the Air Pollution
    Act which is transferring the function to the municipality which cannot
    deliver less than the standard of the act but can increase the
    requirements. The act allowed for a R5 million fine for a first offence
    and a R20 million for a second offence.  The NMBM will be the
    licencing authority.
  2. The committee received a report on the means which will be
    introduced to stop illegal dumping. In March this year BKS Consultant
    Engineers working appointed to develop a strategy and action
    plan.  It entails 3 phases and the phase 2 project deals with road
    shows on Waste Management and it has a budget of R1 million.
    Facilitators and cleaners will be employed and there will be programmes
    to educate school children and a campaign will be launched to clean up
    3 taxi ranks. The committee is going to have a workshop to solicit
    political comments on the proposals.
  3. An Air quality Management Act 79 of 2004 was enacted as a result
    of a short comings in the atmospheric pollution prevention Act 45 of
    1965.  Very strict penalties have been included such as a fine or
    imprisonment not exceeding 10 years and that council will implement the
    programme with personnel and staff as well as a by-law to be used to
    impose penalties to local solutions
  4. A report was made of the Environmental Health Sub-Directorate
    operations during the World Cup period. The NMBM was judged to have the
    best, smoothest operation and best logistical event in South Africa.
  5. As part of the awareness programme embarked on by the Public
    Health Directorate a seminar was held and all the key stakeholders were
    invited to hear a detailed presentation on “preparing for National
    Health Insurance.  ” This may be read on Annexure C on the CD at
    the ward 3 office.
  6. The committee has endorsed an appeal that all employees and
    coucillors of the NMBM pledge and make a personal donation in respect
    of the back to school orphan project as part of a Mayoral children
    trust fund established to support children in Nelson Mandela Bay.
  7. A list of notifiable medical conditions requiring a 24 hour
    response are: Acute flaccid paralysis, Anthrax, Cholera, Crimean Congo
    haemorrhagic fever and other viral haemorrhagic fever, Food poisoning,
    Meningococcal infection, Plague, Yellow fever and Rabies.
  8. The NMBM has the highest total number of TB patients on
    treatment. The majority of registered TB patients in NMBM are
    classified as “re-treatment” cases because they were treated for TB for
    at least one month previously, as an adult.  This present a
    significance risk that these patients could develop drug-resistant form
    of TB if they are not supported to complete their course of TB
    treatment. The department is using TB volunteer treatment supporters to
    make certain all patients complete their course.
  9. The committee has recommended that a workshop be held on the
    “toxic effect of pesticides” and that the results will be presented at
    the next committee meeting.
  10. The Public Health committee will be having a joint meeting with
    the Safety & Security Directorate to address safety & security
    measures at the clinics.
  11. The NMMU has been granted additional funding for the training of
    the Community Health Committees for all primary health care facilities
    in the NMB.
  12. The NMBM has entered into a Memorandum of understanding (MoU)
    with the Departments of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries to
    control the use of the waters which must be used for: a. Increased
    profitable production of food
  13. Sustainable management of natural resources; b. Effective
    national regulatory syllabuses & risk management systems and c.
    Increased contribution of the sector to economic growth &
  14. The officials visited Goteborg Sweden in order to discuss
    environmental management systems.  One of the aims is to effect
    tools to work against climate change and the use of energy.
  15. A detailed report of the Integrated Waste Management Plan for the
    period July 2005 to July 2010 can be read on the CD from the ward 3
  16. The Motherwell Cleaning & Green programme has been put on
    hold and will be resumed once the necessary funds are made available.
  17. The detailed annual report on the Environmental Health
    Directorate can be read on Annexure K of the agenda which is on a CD at
    the ward 3 office. The committee has recommended that the 399 grave
    sites and heroes acres at Forest Hill and 199 grave sites at
    Paapenkuils cemeteries be utilized in terms of the normal procedure and
    not be reserved for the burial of heroes only. Memorial wall will be
    erected as pertained in the cemeteries and crematoria By-Law.
  18. The vagrants living in the bush surrounding the Hunters Retreat
    transfer / recycling station often break the locks of the gate and
    encourage residents to dump after hours and are charging a fee for this
    use. This is a problem for the directorate

Council Meeting – 29
October 2010

  1. Dalene Mettlerkamp of the Cancer Association made a presentation
    in which she indicated that having cancer does not lead to death and
    that it can be overcome by a healthy life style. In the last month 1
    out of 29 that had breast cancer was a male.  She recommended that
    everyone check for lumps in the breast once a month. Lift an arm above
    the head and with the other hand feel with the cushions of the hand and
    not finger tips for lump. The Cancer Association office is opposite
    Kemsley Park near SAPS Mount Road.
  2. Council approved the establishment of a Municipal Public Accounts
    Committee (MPAC) in terms of section 79 of the Local Government:
    Municipal Structures Act (Act 117 of 1998). The various political party
    representation are as follows: a. ANC 9; b. DA 3 and c. Minority
    Parties 1.
  3. In the Mayor’s report he informed council that a team will be
    established to look at a revenue enhancement strategy which consists of
    10 highly skill professionals from all over South Africa.
  4. The executive mayor also said that all the suspensions, which is
    costing a lot of money, should be finalized and that the investigation
    into the Municipal Manager should be concluded.
  5. In a supplementary agenda the adjustment budget was presented.
    Approximately 107 568 out of 275 000 households received assistance
    under the ATTP scheme. The adjustment budget can be read on the hard
    copy at the ward 3 office.  The total expenditure for the 2010 /
    11 financial year has increased from R5,64 million to R6,036 million
    and the surplus which in the budget was R970 501 is reduced to R146
    088. The capital expenditure has been reduced from R2, 183 million to
    R1, 627 million. Further details can be read on the hard copy.
  6. The remainder of the agenda essentially dealt with items which
    have been reported from the meetings of portfolio committees.

and Land

  1. Erf 1560, 95 Heugh Road, Walmer, has been rezoned from
    Residential 1 to Business 3 Purposes subject to a height restriction of
    2 storey and a coverage not exceeding 50%. There are other conditions
    as well.
  2. Erf 1770, 100 Heugh Road, Walmer, application for Rezoning from
    Residential 1 to Business 1 was refused but the Rezoning from
    Residential 1 to Business 2 Purposes was approved subject to a series
    of restrictions.
  3. Portion of Erf 8753, Walmer, will be expropriated for road
  4. Erf 4184, 180 Main Road, Walmer, application to increase re FSI
    from 0.18 to 0.45 has been refused but has been amended from Walmer
    Special Purposes to Special Purposes (Tea garden, nursery &
    dwelling units) and that the FSI of the tea garden not exceeding 0.18
    but the FSI of the residential portion may not exceed 0.27 and there is
    a height restriction of two storeys.
  5. Erf 1006, 186 Main Road, Walmer, application for rezoning from
    Residential 1 to Business 3 Purposes was refused since the applicant
    wishes to open a motor show room.
  6. Erf 877, 60 Fifth Avenue, Walmer, application for Special Consent
    to permit the Erf to be used as a place of instruction (toddler
    movement programme) has been approved
  7. Erf  756, 203 Main Raod, Walmer, application to rezone from
    Residential 1 to Special Purposes / Business 2 Purposes has been
    deferred. This deferment is waiting for the Local Special Development
    Framework to be finalized.

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