Where am I now?

One of the down sides
to having a successful business directory and community web site such as
MyPE is the fact that the world has many lazy people in it who phone me
and ask “Where am I now?” only to throw the phone down on me.

What happens is that people will Google a business, see the listing of
that business on MyPE and without thinking phone the MyPE contact
number rather than clicking through to the detail page that each
business listing on MyPE has – on the detail page is a physical
address, telephone number and contact form. Premium links have VERIFIED
e-mail addresses for the contact form as well as a lot more information
allowing the prospective client to find out exactly what they need.

Most people are quite nice about it when they realise that they have
made a mistake, some people I will help out by looking up the
information that they require.

BUT, some people have no sense of humour and fail to grasp simple
concepts such as; “What is the url of the page you are on?”, “Double
click your mouse”, “Turn your computer on” etc.

Then there are those people who demand; “Where am I now?”

When asked; “Where am I now?” I ask them to explain their surroundings,
if they know which town or suburb they are in, are they inside or
outside ………….. etc.

The thing that baffles me is that they tend to get angry with me
whenever I ask questions of them whenever they ask; “Where am I
now?” And then most tend to throw the phone down on me.

Go Figure. I am only trying to help.

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