Will He or Won’t He?

www.MyPE.co.za: As a
webmaster you receive many emails a day from sites ranging from “Viagra
Knowledge Today” to “Karli’s Humongous Boobs” and even “Nigerian Get
Quick Rip-Off” all assuring you that their web site is a ‘perfect fit’
for a link exchange. Some of them even offer a ‘three way’ link
exchange which, to me, always borders on the slightly risque!

Of course these guys are using automated tools that either scrape
e-mails or tools that are just on the slightly wonky side in
application and data gathering. Then, once they have got their sweaty
paws on a couple of thousand e-mail addresses, they fire off a generic
shotgun style mail saying wonderful things about your site like; “I
really think a three way linking strategy between ‘Karli’s Humongous
Boobs’ and ‘Dinosaurs in Ancient Times’
(your site) will help to
increase traffic ……
” or “I just visited your web site and
I think
it is wonderful

Normally these e-mails are personally addressed to you as follows: “Dear
“, and contain a call to action along these
lines: “If you
don’t link back to my site then I will remove your link
” –
ooooh I am
already quaking in my boots!

However entertaining this shotgun approach is, it also becomes highly
annoying but, there is light at the end of the tunnel. As these lazy
morons do not contain more than two brain cells to make up a threesome
they also are prone to copy one another’s work and their formulaic
e-mails make it easy peasy to create a spam filter and never see the
link requests come in.

But, the question remains, as an ethical webmaster searching for great
links to your web site, using the rifle approach, you want to know with
reasonable certainty that the web site you want to link back to you
will actually entertain your request. Remember, your goal is to get an
index page CLEAN link that DOES NOT have a NoFollow, NoIndex
attribute chained around it. (The
previous 3 supplied links all reference Google Search Engineer Matt
Cutts’ Blog

Will He or Won’t He?

The best indicator of whether a web site WILL link back to you or not
is to check and see if that web site actually does link out to OTHER
web sites or not.

You also need to know what TYPES of web sites your targeted web site
links out to. This will also give you a very good indication of the
type of content to submit to your targeted web site.

Remember that the ‘stature’ of a web site in the eyes of any search
engine is also measured on the number and type of links that the web
site has. A simple example; If your targeted web site has ‘Dinosaurs
in Ancient Times’ as it’s subject matter and links out to ‘Karli’s
Humongous Boobs’ and other sites NOT related to the content then you
could probably get a link but it will not be WORTH much at all.

In order to
determine ‘Will He or Won’t He?’ you need to know two main

1. The number and type of links TO your targeted web site.
2. The number and type of links FROM your targeted web site.

Basically the
above two will show:

1. The people wanting to be friends with your targeted site.
2. The sites that your targeted site wants to be friends with.

How are you
going to get this information?
There are Search Engines
that do these tasks for you, but, some do the inlinks well and some do
the outlinks well so we are going to use two search engines for that
1. Yahoo does inlinks well – MyPE Example
2. MSN Live Search does outbound links well – MyPE Example

The basics of good internet citizenship are whether a web site shares
knowledge by linking out to web sites of interest to their own
visitors. In a way looking at a web site’s outgoing links is a really
useful way of checking that web site’s standing as a good internet
citizen or not and is a really good indicator of that web site’s

Take Google as an example – most people agree that Google is a model of
good internet citizenship and just looking at Google.co.za’s OUTBOUND

as opposed to Google.co.za’s INBOUND LINKS
we learn an important lesson when we see the number of OUTBOUND
Google.co.za far exceeds the number of INBOUND LINKS.

On top of that, Google is a
money making juggernaut – a strong lesson here for ALL webmasters
 to make sure that they link out to relevant web sites and be
FREE with their linking as it will come back to you eventually in

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