Will Someone Please Define Elite, Top and Some Other Words for me?

www.MyPE.co.za: A
kinda recent article in The
Weekend Post
/ Herald
actually got me to reply and leave a comment.

The article – PE boy bowls even the big names over
– is about a 9 year old Grey
Junior School
pupil, Tiaan van Vuuren, whose talent as a
left-handed bowler was noticed by indoor cricketers in January this
year, resulting in him being invited to take part in the Eastern
Province cricket trials. Tiaan, who was only eight at the time, made
the u-11 team. In April he tried out for the SA team and also secured a
spot on the national side.

Pretty damned impressive if I say so myself.

Of course as a fellow ex pupil of this ELITE/TOP/(Insert emotive word here)
School I find myself often jumping to the defence of the school and
correcting misguided comments such as those made by liya12 (is that
Liya who is 12 or Liya in Grade 12 or Liya in Cell number 12?).

Liya12’s comments were the usual whine; “Well if I got to go to a
private school such as Grey then I would also be a wonderful cricketer
and things would just fall into my lap because I would be priveleged
and I hate my parents for being poor and I just hate myself every day
for not being GIVEN the opportunity to go to such a school so instead
of trying to make it better I will rather write comments using a stupid
pseudonym and attempt to drag everyone else down to my level rather
than building people up, which is just so hard and I am just so lazy
which would not be the caes if I was spoon fed and attended a top
school – whine, whine, whine whine” – or words to that effect.

I am sure you get the point – anyway in my haste to reply I, purely by
mistake, reported Liya12’s comments as abuse. Since corrected I might

Okay – moving on, liya12’s comments got me thinking so I would like to
add some more thoughts into the universe:

Both liya12 and I got caught in the same trap – since when did
“Reporting of the Facts” become “Sensationalising of Opinion”? You will
notice that when our local dailies report on “shock, gasp, horror”
incidents involving one of our better schools emotive words such as
‘top’, ‘elite’ and ‘exclusive’ are used.

And, not only are schools subject to sensational adjectives which
pepper our news. I recently observed an article mentioning a Port
Elizabeth lawyer who spent some time in jail being reffered to as a TOP
PE Lawyer. Does that make sense to you? I certainly would be of the
impression that a TOP PE Lawyer would be able to keep himself out of

Of course, should you be caught in a compromising photograph clutching
an appendage in each hand that clearly does not belong to you or your
husband then you are instantly elevated to a ‘famous person’ who is in
a position of trust and influence over thousands of young minds. So
what if you enjoy a little bit of the crazy stuff? What is next – a
witch hunt to determine the sexual desires and orientation of teachers,
priests, policemen, traffic cops, politicians, journalists and other
persons in positions of power over youngsters? Heaven forbid that they
have sex in any position other than missionary.

Sad, very sad, especially when some people live by the credo; “Don’t
hate any specific group, rather hate everyone

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